Well it is finally here. The year is coming to a close and there is no turning back. These last few weeks are going to be very reflective and emotional for many of us here at The Learning Loft. On June 8th, from 11:00-2:00, we are planning an open house here at school for all past and present Learning Loft families and staff to reminisce, reconnect and spend a few minutes together. Our success has been driven by you the families who entrusted us with your children, and the staff who set up the environment and provided the experiences for the children. For this we thank you!

And as we come to a close, we also would love to invite everyone to a sale of all of our school materials, supplies, and equipment on June 21st, from 9am-2pm. Thanks again!

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What Makes The Learning Loft So Special?!


Parent-Teacher Communication

We put a high emphasis on maintaining great communication with parents through monthly newsletters, Facebook updates, materials sent home with children, and other means as well. We invite and welcome parents to share thoughts and feedback and let us know what you're thinking too!


Field Trips!

We make several field trips throughout the year to various places to help our students learn about their world and explore new environments in an educational and safe and fun way! We invite parents to come with us on these trip and always have a great time!


Music, Movement & Creative Arts!

We put an emphasis on encouraging children to explore music, movement and the arts in each and every class. We constantly sing songs, dance together, paint, color, play, and foster creative exploration...and the kids love it! Our classes are filled with laughter and fun and children enjoying learning how to express their creative side!


Our Playground

We are fortunate to have a wonderful little playground area for our students to use. There are playhouses, seesaws, sand boxes, swings, and more, all in a safe, enclosed, grassy area adjacent to our school. When the weather permits, the students have a chance to run and play and get outside during each class session!

Special Guests

We love to have special guests come into the classroom to help the children learn or play. We've had magicians come and share a magic show! We've had fire-fighters come and explain fire safety. We've had parents come and explain their jobs to the student or share a musical talent. We try to bring as many experiences into the classroom as possible that will expand the children's understanding of their world and exposure to new things!

Family Participation!

We love to have parents interacting with their children at the Learning Loft! We have field trips, art shows, a Thanksgiving feast, field day, and many, many more opportunities that we have for parents to participate with their children at school. It is important to us that parents and children both feel welcome and excited about coming to school!